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Mini Drones / RPAS Detection & Tracking

DFSL developed 2D Laser Curtain for Mini Drone / RPAS detection and is FSD of a 3D Laser Radar Dome Detector for detecting and tracking Mini Drone / RPAS.

 Applications Examples

2D Mini Drone Detector -Mini drones are detected when penetrate the “Detection Wall” at max 250m.

3D Laser Radar   - 

Mini Drone Detector - 600m Diameter 3D laser radar for detecting and tracking mini drones.

This project is under the European commission fund Horizon 2020 and lead by the Royal Military Academy of Belgium (RMA).

DFSL is the technical coordinator and in charge with the development of the LADAR 3 D Detector. The consortium is built of 11 members from 7 countries which include 3 universities, 2 research institutions, 4 companies and 3 end users: Belgium police, Romania border police and the Israeli police.  For more details please see

DFSL is partner in  DEFENDER H2020 project and in charge with physical security of Critical Infrastructure including Human Intruders and Mini Drone detection and neutralization.

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