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7SHIELD – Safety and Security Standards of Space Systems, ground Segments and Satellite data assets, via prevention, detection, response and mitigation of physical and cyber threats is funded by the European Commission (EC) through the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

7SHIELD aims at providing a holistic framework enable to confront complex threats by covering all the macrostages of crisis management, namely pre-crisis, crisis and post-crises phases.

Specifically, the early warning mechanism estimates the level of risk before the occurrence of a cyber or physical attack. During an attack, the detection and response is effective and efficient, taking into account budgetary constraints. A mitigation plan is designed and automatically updated to offer a quick recovery after an intentional attack or a system failure. Security and resilience of private installations of space ground segments are also supported by business continuity scenarios, building on top of an innovative orchestration of novel monitoring and forecasting technologies.

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