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Additional Laser Related Products


IPI Software

Single IPI (Intruder Position Indicator),  

One Unit & One PTZ:

•Display & Records Video

•Detection Map

•Target Moving Path ( Visual & Log )

•Defining of Evaluation / Detection Area ( exact location in the evaluation area )

•Real Time “Live” Signal and Built In Test


Dry Contact Board (DCB)

The Dry Contact Board (DCB) is advanced device, based on high-performance MCU and designed for control and interface with all "Dr. Frucht Systems Ltd." laser sensors without PC.


ISSC Software

Integration Software – Integrated Security System Command (ISSC)

•Multiple Sensors

•Multiple Type of Sensors ( Protocol, Dry Contact

•Multiple Camera & PTZ

•Multiple Detection Areas


Laser Beam Detector

Maximal Signal Detection Range Up to 300m
Warning on Signal Detection by Sound and Flashing Light.

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