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 Additional Laser Related Products

IPI Software 

Single IPI (Intruder Position Indicator),  

One Unit & One PTZ:

•Display & Records Video

•Detection Map

•Target Moving Path ( Visual & Log )

•Defining of Evaluation / Detection Area ( exact location in the evaluation area )

•Real Time “Live” Signal and Built In Test

IPI Software 

ISSC Software

Integration Software – Integrated Security System Command (ISSC)

•Multiple Sensors

•Multiple Type of Sensors ( Protocol, Dry Contact

•Multiple Camera & PTZ

•Multiple Detection Areas

ISSC Software

Laser Beam Detector

Maximal Signal Detection Range Up to 300m
Warning on Signal Detection by Sound and Flashing Light.

Laser Beam Detector

Dry Contact Board (DCB)

The Dry Contact Board (DCB) is advanced device, based on high-performance MCU and designed for control and interface with all "Dr. Frucht Systems Ltd." laser sensors without PC.

Dry Contact Board (DCB)

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